ARI Tech Tuesday 10-28-14

ARI Tech in the News includes two new items for this week’s edition.  Be sure not to miss them.  With the Promising Practice Summit happening this past Friday and an increased activity of postings in The Holler, it was easy to pick something for the Promising Practice section.  Most noteworthy perhaps is “a first” for the ARI initiative with Dorton Elementary videoconferencing with an author in England.  We have left the continent.  Are you a Glogster?  Lisa Blevins-Salyer is and she shares her work in “Leadership and Character Education in the Digital Age,” also under Promising Practice.  Maybe you have used Google Docs for real time on-line document collaboration, but did you know OneDrive offers the same feature.  In the ARI Tech Tip of the Week Jeff Coots illustrates how to collaborate in real time with OneDrive using Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  In the Question of the Week we are reminded that inFocus will provide 2 hour virtual trainings for new staff or staff who need a refresher on using the MondoPad.  Saturday, November 8th is the next Rural Up Code Academy designed for middle and high school students.  Look under Links/Resources Worth a Look to learn more.


ARI Tech Tuesday Update 10-28-14


The following links are referenced in this editon of the ARI Tech Tuesday Update.

Previous Questions of the Week(10-28-14)

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CIITS QRC EDS Principals Creating Professional Growth Plans

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Learning without Limits Conference Agenda(November 17th & 18th)

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