ARI Tech Tuesday 12-9-14

The countdown to Christmas is in full swing. See the link embedded in this week’s Tech Tuesday for a beautiful Christmas countdown timer which; incidentally, is hosted on  Johnny Belcher has uploaded State Assessment Ranking Data to The Holler. Jeff Coots shows how to use Vocaroo, an audio recording and hosting platform.  Joseph Smith has completed several  Mondopad Upgrades this week, see the Lite the Nite tech tip for details.  Also see updated important events for some new dates.


ARI weekly tech 12-9-14


The following links are referenced in this editon of the ARI Tech Tuesday Update.


The Salem Witch Museum

QR Codes

iMovie trailer tutorial Part 1: Setup

iMovie trailer tutorial Part 2: Editing

iMovie trailer tutorial Part 3: Save & Sharing

Thanksgiving Tech Tip

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