The Holler Cast – Episode 1

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For our first episode the Holler sat down with Grant Mills from to talk about their coding and programming initiatives across Eastern Kentucky. We cover a lot of ground in this one, from 13 year olds making $60k per year with programming skills to an untapped marketing and web design market in our region. Listen in and then join the conversation @

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6 thoughts on “The Holler Cast – Episode 1”

  1. “What if Kentucky was the hot-bed for computer programming?”

    So… how do we get this snowball rolling down the hill? — What can the ARI team do to help? — @professorparsons I think this is exactly the direction we need to go. I love the conversation…

    1. Thanks @pgreen. We’re going to walk with Rural UP, as well as design some courses for the Holler, about a summer program and some programming bootcamps that use the Holler to sustain long term collaboration and learning.

      1. They will be building a website that will require the use of databases. They will get to be creative about content. These students already know some Python and have created games in Snap!

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