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Have you ever used a Blender? I managed to get it and you can get it too, right now, it’s completely FREE.  Let me say, I’m somewhat of a Blender enthusiast; over the last few years. I’ve made smoothies, shakes, and even fully rigged characters!

Blender is very impressive software, yes that’s right we are not talking about the kitchen appliance you use to make a physical smoothie. Blender, the software, doesn’t just handle physics simulations but can also be used to motion track footage so you can incorporate 3D elements into your live-action footage.  Alex shows you how to get started with that below.

Just like actual Blenders, the software comes out with new versions ALL the time but the difference is that the software is always free! The software is the friendliest it’s ever been with a new user interface and tons of fixes so head on over and give it a download. If you need some help to get started feel free to watch any of our videos or videos produced by others.  Because Blender is always changing some tutorials might appear outdated but the fundamentals are still there so don’t worry too much if your version looks vastly different than someone else’s. I’ll leave a small collection of videos below you can watch if you wanna check out what Blender can do.


Animations fully designed in Blender made by The Holler Team


Below is a video I created to help beginner animators get the hang of animating in this software

Grease Pencil

Grease Pencil is Blender’s illustration tool you can draw, animate or do some physic simulation with.

Just Art

Sometimes you can just mess around and have some fun with it.

That’s really the best way to learn this software. Just jump in it and play around because Blender has tons of different features and you will probably find one you will use more than others. Just don’t get overwhelmed by everything and just have hun. Download now! 


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