Sarah Bracken Discusses Her Work with the Refugee Educator Academy (REA)

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s Digitalachia Podcast hosted by Robert Brown,  welcomed guest Sarah Bracken, NBCT, who serves as a Refugee Educator Academy Project Consultant, at the Center for Learning Practice with the Carey Institute for Global Good.  

Sarah shared elements of the Center for Learning in Practice’s Sustainable Learning Framework. She also described how micro-credentials are an integral component of the professional learning of educators who will work with students among the migrant & refugee population, numbering over 79 million across the globe.

To learn more about the Refugee Educator Academy you may contact Sarah Bracken and visit the websites listed below.

Sarah Bracken’s email address: [email protected]

REA general website:

REA’s 2020-2021 offerings:

REA’s “Critical Issues in Refugee Education” 20-21 Series:

And a flyer with registration link for our upcoming workshop on Dec. 12, “Shifting Power in the Classroom”:

Our Digital Promise Micro-Credentials:


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