Building it Forward – Tiny House Project 2018

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You are invited to bid on the quality Tiny Houses innovatively designed and constructed by students in your local school districts. The Building it Forward project, sponsored by the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC), is an investment in creating a ‘future story’ for students interested in learning skills for a real-world vocation. The project is designed to be on-going and sustainable each year. The completed homes are auctioned and the money re-invested to complete a new Tiny House each year.

All houses will be on display for the public starting June 8 at 412 Roy Campbell Drive in Hazard, Kentucky adjacent to the KVEC office at the Job Site Center. The auction end date is June 30 after which, buyers will have 15 days to pick up their homes. This project is about Building It Forward each year; once the auction is complete, each school will have a base $15,000 and 80% of the dollar amount above the final auction bid to build a new house in the next school year.

In order to place a bid use the following link

Where you can see the finished builds and also view a virtual tour of the tiny houses. Also, on June 22, 2018, KVEC will be hosting a Tiny cookout from 4-7 pm.

The goal for this project is for teaching and learning to be fun and applicable to post-secondary success; where students are engaged in the learning and can apply the learning to life and success in high school and beyond.  Research has shown that students who participate in hands-on learning remember the material better, feel a sense of accomplishment when the task is completed, and are able to transfer that experience easier to other learning situations.

The eight (8) Tiny Houses you are invited to tour and bid on from the following schools are:

  • Breathitt County Area Technology Center/Jackson Independent                          
  • Floyd County Area Technology Center
  • Johnson County High School CTE
  • Knott County Area Technology Center
  • Lee County Area Technology Center/Owsley County/Wolfe County
  • Leslie County Area Technology Center
  • Letcher County Area Technology Center/Jenkins Independent
  • Phelps High School in Pike County


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