ARI Learning Innovation Grant Application Available Online

“In the world of education, innovation comes in many forms. There are innovations in the way education systems are organized and managed. There are innovations in instructional techniques or delivery systems. There are innovations in the way students are included in an active learning process. The list goes on and on” (taken from ARI Learning […]

Prestonsburg HS Library Becomes “Hub Laboratory for Learning”

Prestonsburg High School is moving away from traditional library services.  A committee of students and faculty met and redesigned the existing facility to transform it into a full-service learning, research, and project space that has a flexible environment built to accommodate multiple learning activities and provide a participatory culture that will allow for Next Generation […]

FIREcast TV: Students Turn Winter Garden into Community Improvement Project

Pikeville Elementary teacher, Traci Tackett, tells us how her and her students use winter gardens to not only improve their diets, but to also improve their community.   For more information on gardening in schools check out the School Garden Holler. 

Standing Up for Authentic Engagement

Authentic engagement in a primary classroom is not available upon demand. It involves precise planning, innovative thinking, and the ability to make connections to the real world at a student friendly level. Basically, the curriculum must be brought to life. Finding ways to do so is such a beautiful challenge. The first ten minutes of […]

Discovering Innovation: Classroom Redesign with Ms. Carter

March 15th, 2016 – Today we spent time in the classroom at Letcher Grade School with Mary Carter, learning about her classroom redesign.  With the help of an ARI Innovation Grant Ms. Carter was able to work with her students to rethink the space that they would be learning in.  Working together they created a […]

Discovering Innovation: Classroom Redesign in Burdine

This live stream from March 4th, 2016 highlights the components of Emely Sanders’ first grade classroom at Burdine Elementary in Jenkins Independent Schools. With personalized learning environments in mind, Ms. Sanders redesigned her classroom through an ARI Innovation Grant. Following a full lesson in this video, she gives a tour and describes how she has […]