Snow Days

December 1st and we are already getting snow! If this kind of news get you excited then please keep reading as we are going to share tons of snow-filled things below. If this post harbors appalling thoughts like early morning cold car to work for you then please visit one of our other stories like […]

The Best Way to Get Good Maps is to do it Ourselves

Have you ever tried to find something on Google Maps, only to have your GPS point you to some completely wrong place in the middle of nowhere? It’s more common than you might think, and it doesn’t only happen here in the mountains. Even in big cities like Atlanta, businesses are constantly opening, closing, and […]

Open eBooks Now Available for Millions of Students

Thousands of eBooks have been made available for millions of students, for free. With the app Open eBooks – a collaboration of stakeholders from libraries, publishers, and non-profits launched this project last week.  This is an initiative to get books to millions of students in low income communities.   Giving more access to kids all across our nation […]