Snow Days

December 1st and we are already getting snow! If this kind of news get you excited then please keep reading as we are going to share tons of snow-filled things below. If this post harbors appalling thoughts like early morning cold car to work for you then please visit one of our other stories like […]

Submit your Story!

Howdy y’all, Just a quick reminder that if you have a story you would like shared on The Holler simply Hover over your mouse over HOME on any page and you will find the “Submit a Story” button. Personally, I am a visual learner so I drew out the instructions down below. Protip: Don’t worry […]

Reason to Celebrate: 2016 Annual Holler Highlights

We’ve had a big year at Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative¬†(KVEC) and here at the Holler! Congressionally designated¬†Digital Promise and the U.S.¬†Department of Education named KVEC¬†a National Education Innovation Cluster, presenting¬†a video series spotlighting¬†the Appalachian Renaissance Initiative. Our annual Summits in April and October transitioned to a more technology-based delivery and connected well over 10,000 people […]

MakerSpaces: Design, Engineering, Creation, & Education

The Holler Studios, supporting, have served learners of all ages as a Makerspace in the heart of the mountains for nearly two years. Explore the Holler Studio, the online Holler community, and the Holler team.¬†Contact and visit us! MakerSpaces are all the rage now ‚Äď this past week’s KySTE conference even featured a massive […]