KVEC’s Dessie Bowling Featured in Equity & Access

Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s Dessie Bowling (Associate Director & Safe Schools Program Director) was recently published on ACE-ED.org (Equity & Access Pre K-12). ACE-ED.org is a group of education media professionals who are passionate about creating equitable access for more than 50 million school-aged children, as well as 20 million college and university students in […]


The Kentucky Valley Eduationional Cooperative Holler Engineers will be hosting the best 3-day technology camps anyone has ever witnessed! The camps will be held this summer May-June. Here is a list of every workshop that will be offered to grades 6-12. Click here to fill a quick survey to help us find out what you […]

Poagin’ on up!

Schools are back in session and we had the chance to visit one, and so we did. This makes our second visit to Poage the first being prior to the pandemic and so we expected some changes, which there was but it was mostly just for Covid safety guidelines other than that the school’s culture […]

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National Forum to Advance Rural Education – #RuralEdForum

November 11–12, 2021, Indianapolis, IN Hosted by the National Rural Education Association (NREA), in partnership with the Rural Schools Collaborative, the 2021 National Forum to Advance Rural Education is going hybrid. This means they will host an in-person event, and provide the option to attend virtually. Like always, the event is designed to create an […]

Virtual Production Vlog!

The film industry is quickly settling into a new standard of production called Virtual Production. This method of production has been popularized with the recent release of The Mandalorian Disney+ Series. The possibilities are endless with this sort of production and can only be pushed further the more money a studio throws at it. We […]

Unreal Engine and the Marketplace

Epic Games is a beast of a company and their game engine is no joke as well. Unreal Engine 4 allows you to make video games and movies at virtually no cost! The software can definitely look a little daunting when you first open it but after a few online lessons on youtube (also free), […]

My Unreal Engine Cinematic Masterpiece

This was not as hard as you think to make and you too can make something similar if not better. Try out Unreal Engine today you can create movies, games, or just play around with the free assets on the store.  This video is part of a bigger project that is coming out very soon. […]

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Floyd County Students Earn Dell Tech Certification

Superintendent Danny Adkins is excited to announce our first students to achieve Dell Tech Certification. Adkins comments, “Congratulations FCHS senior Branson Johnson, BLHS junior Conner Lockhart, FCHS sophomore Brylie Pennington and PHS freshman John Lewis on becoming Dell Tech certified! This is why our Floyd County School of Innovation (FCSI) was created: to provide students […]