Whole Brain Teaching

The Holler has produced the FIRECAST series for almost a year now and we’ve seen a lot of unique teaching strategies and innovations in the classroom. We knew we hadn’t seen them all and the teaching practices put in place at Louisa East Elementary are among those that completely blew us away. We were told […]

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Owsley Co. High Visits Alaska?

Did you know that Alaska is approximately  67 hours away from Kentucky by car? Well, it’s probably a bit farther than that after all the stops, but Owsley Co. High school doesn’t let that stop them from collaborating with experts in animal sciences and other fields. Using their new video conferencing station all of this and more […]

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StreamLabs and Stream Deck? What’s That?

Welcome to Tech Tuesday and today we are talking about streams! If you are familiar with my OBS tutorial then this may look like the same thing, and it sort of is. However, this one is made for streaming and in some cases, it may even work better for you then OBS. Check it out and see […]

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Unboxing the HTC VIVE PRO

Welcome to Tech Tuesday, a show that aims to redefine what a Tuesday is. For example, today is Wednesday need I say more? Anyways, today we are talking about the HTC Vive Pro and if the huge price tag is worth it. I personally do not think so, but as I mention in the video if […]

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My Mountains Mysteries – The Octavia Hatcher Story – Chapter Two; Octavia Hatcher

The Octavia Hatcher story is a local legend around Central Appalachia, but not only isolated to the communities surrounding Pike County, KY. Her story is known worldwide, having been examined by such programs as Mysteries at the Museum on the Travel Channel. She is known as the “Girl Who Turned Her Back on Pikeville” throughout […]

NPR Student Podcast Challenge: Turn An Idea Into Sound — And Win

“Hey, NPR is having a podcasting competition! Learn to podcast on the Holler and enter to win!” OK, class, listen up! Here’s your assignment for next semester: Take a topic, a lesson or a unit you’re learning about, and turn it into a podcast. NPR is launching its first-ever Student Podcast Challenge. It’s a chance […]

Ron’s Tattoo Adventure in Whitesburg

You are never too old to get a tattoo. Early last month the thought jumped into my mind to get a tattoo honoring my parents who have passed. I was born in North Dakota above the Theodore Roosevelt National Park where the buffalo roam in the Badlands near where my parents lived. Each summer we […]

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How To Make A Virtual Tour

Welcome to Tech Tuesday! Today we are discussing how to make a Virtual tour using 360 cameras. This process will work with any 360 camera but we are using the Samsung Gear 360 camera for today. If you would like to learn more about 360 cameras or virtual tours please let me know and maybe […]

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We Talk ACT at Allen Elementary

Welcome to FIRESIDE Chats. A show where we sit down with the exceptional people of Appalachia and take a deeper look at education in the mountains. In this episode, we visit Allen Elementary to talk about their participation in the ACT program. For those unfamiliar with the program, it means  Activating Catalytic Transformation. ACT engages shared leadership teams in school […]

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Fixing our 3D Printer

In preparation for our Fall FIRESummit, we were pushing out highly detailed 3D prints of students’ Blender creations. In doing this, our 3D printers were working heavily; we were almost done printing all of the students work when one of the 3D printers quit working entirely and the other one quit shortly after. We were […]

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