In this edition of Brisk Bytes, we have the task of comparing this $35 microphone by TAKSTAR to a $330 microphone by Sennheiser, one of the kings of audio! So you must be thinking this must be an easy line-up but it’s not. It would be easy to say the Sennheiser is better, which it […]

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Girls Who Code’s Virtual Summer Immersion Program

For anyone interested: Apply to Girls Who Code’s Virtual Summer Immersion Program (SIP) for an unforgettable summer experience! During this FREE 2-week virtual program, you’ll learn the computer science skills you need to make an impact, get an inside look into the tech field, and join a supportive lifelong sisterhood — all while being virtually hosted by influential […]

Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative Announces New Executive Director

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) Board of Directors are proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Jerry Green as Executive Director for the Educational Service Agency that serves 23 east Kentucky School Districts and encompasses an area larger than the state of Connecticut. KVEC began in 1969 and has become nationally recognized for championing […]

Blender and Blender Resources

Have you ever used a Blender? I managed to get it and you can get it too, right now, it’s completely FREE.  Let me say, I’m somewhat of a Blender enthusiast; over the last few years. I’ve made smoothies, shakes, and even fully rigged characters! Blender is very impressive software, yes that’s right we are […]

Sarah Bracken Discusses Her Work with the Refugee Educator Academy (REA)

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s Digitalachia Podcast hosted by Robert Brown,  welcomed guest Sarah Bracken, NBCT, who serves as a Refugee Educator Academy Project Consultant, at the Center for Learning Practice with the Carey Institute for Global Good.   Sarah shared elements of the Center for Learning in Practice’s Sustainable Learning Framework. She also described how […]

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Snow Days

December 1st and we are already getting snow! If this kind of news get you excited then please keep reading as we are going to share tons of snow-filled things below. If this post harbors appalling thoughts like early morning cold car to work for you then please visit one of our other stories like […]

Facial Motion Capture Test

Do you know what I miss? The excitement of watching a movie at my local movie theatre. The last movie I saw in a theater was Frozen 2, and it was great! (it had the impossible task of living up to the original Frozen). I have a particular soft spot for animated movies. I grew […]

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Behind The Scenes! Once In A Lifetime

Welcome to another episode of Brisk Bytes, this week we take a peep behind the curtains of the most recent Holler animation. More videos coming up about how you can get started doing animation in Blender as well as modeling your own characters and props. Stay Tuned for more! Below is the video that the […]

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Dr. Doug Anthony Discusses the Importance of Establishing a Principal Pipeline

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s Digitalachia Podcast hosted by Robert Brown, with co-host Dr. Dessie Bowling,  welcomed guest Dr. Doug Anthony, Chief Consultant of Anthony Consulting Group.  Dr. Anthony has done extensive work in leading principal pipeline development and described how he helps schools to address the pipeline. He also shared some observations of principals’ […]

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Kareem Farah Describes Resources of the Modern Classroom Project

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s Digitalachia Podcast hosted by Robert Brown welcomed guest Kareem Farah, Chief Executive Officer of the Modern Classroom Project.  The Modern Classroom Project empowers educators to meet every student’s needs through blended, self-paced, mastery-based instruction. The goal is to help change the way teachers teach, thus helping all students learn.  For free resources […]

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