Virtual Production Vlog!

The film industry is quickly settling into a new standard of production called Virtual Production. This method of production has been popularized with the recent release of The Mandalorian Disney+ Series. The possibilities are endless with this sort of production and can only be pushed further the more money a studio throws at it. We […]

Unreal Engine and the Marketplace

Epic Games is a beast of a company and their game engine is no joke as well. Unreal Engine 4 allows you to make video games and movies at virtually no cost! The software can definitely look a little daunting when you first open it but after a few online lessons on youtube (also free), […]

My Unreal Engine Cinematic Masterpiece

This was not as hard as you think to make and you too can make something similar if not better. Try out Unreal Engine today you can create movies, games, or just play around with the free assets on the store.  This video is part of a bigger project that is coming out very soon. […]

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Floyd County Students Earn Dell Tech Certification

Superintendent Danny Adkins is excited to announce our first students to achieve Dell Tech Certification. Adkins comments, “Congratulations FCHS senior Branson Johnson, BLHS junior Conner Lockhart, FCHS sophomore Brylie Pennington and PHS freshman John Lewis on becoming Dell Tech certified! This is why our Floyd County School of Innovation (FCSI) was created: to provide students […]

Digitalachia Podcast w/ Dr. Coffman

The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s Digitalachia Podcast hosted by Robert Brown welcomed guest Dr. Ann Coffman, Manager of Teacher Quality with the National Education Association (NEA) to discuss the organization’s supports of schools and educators in an era of virtual learning. The conversation also focused on how micro-credentialing, and other professional learning opportunities, could enhance […]

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Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative Round-Up

Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative Round-Up   We’re extremely grateful for all the hard work the folks at KVEC have done all week and we want to highlight some of the current and upcoming events. Dionne Bates, the Implementation and Improvement Lead here at KVEC has been appointed to the advisory board for the Kentucky LEADS […]

REWIND! It’s the end of 2019.

Remember 2019, the days when a gathering of over 500 people in one building was exciting and not in the least dreadful; unless you were a presenter who hated presenting. Anyways, let this video serve as a reminder of how much fun 2019 was.  Last year definitely wasn’t the best for anyone but here’s to […]

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Virtually Tour YOUR SCHOOL!

Technology is great you can basically order anything you could ever want online albeit you might have to wait a day or two for shipping depending on your location. However, can you see everything? Absolutely not but we are getting there and today we are helping to pave the way with 360 tours of well […]

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The Hills Have Voices Podcast – The Queen’s Gambit

The first episode of our newest podcast The Hills Have Voices is officially released. You can catch the first episode from either our Spotify or Apple Podcast! (Links Below) Listen/Download on Spotify:  Link to Spotify: The Hills Have Voices – Queen’s Gambit Listen/Download Apple Podcast: Link to Apple Podcast: The Hills Have Voices – Queen’s […]

Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program

  Click here for the Application Page Girls Who Code’s Virtual Summer Immersion Program (SIP) is a FREE, 2-week program for current 9th–11th grade students (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors), to learn about computer science, gain exposure to tech jobs, and join a supportive sisterhood of thousands of students around the world. The early acceptance […]