Educators, community leaders, and students gathered on April 16, 2019, for the Spring FIRESummit hosted by the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC). The FIRESummit spotlights hard-working innovators in eastern Kentucky that go the extra mile to forge innovation in rural education! Over 1,500 persons participated in person the Forging Innovation in Rural Education (FIRE) Summit, […]

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Using Micro-credentials for Personalized Professional Development

Jennifer Carroll the Professional Learning Lead for the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative recently was published on Digital Promise – Accelerating Innovation in Education for the brilliant work she does not only Micro-credentials but every school, teacher and student she serves.  Micro-credentials provide educators with competency-based recognition for the skills they learn throughout their careers. The […]

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BIG THINGS, Mini Episodes

Sometimes the FIRECAST team shows up at a school and there are too many things going on to fit it into one video; that is when the FIRECAST minisodes happen. This past week we visited Belfry High School and their students had a multitude of things going on in a single classroom. One side of […]

Harlan Co. Portal 31 Virtual Field Trip

Harlan County contributed to the successful World War II victory of our American nation in such ways as leading the world in coal production during the World War II years. Debbie Napier a social studies teacher at Rosspoint Elementary brought something new to her classroom this year. By receiving an ARI Learning Innovation Grant from […]

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KVEC 2019 Spring FIRE Summit – “A Region Rising”

KVEC 2019 Spring FIRE Summit – “A Region Rising”April 16, 2019East KY Expo Center The April 2019 FIRE Summit (Forging Innovation in Rural Education) will be at the East Kentucky Expo Center in Pikeville on April 16th, 2019. The theme for this summit will be “A Region Rising.” Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative, twenty-two member school districts, […]

Owsley County – Strategic Planning for Education and the Community

KVEC’s FIRECAST highlights creative and determined educators building their classrooms into a one of a kind experience. Our goal is to showcase classroom innovations and to inspire others to help change the narrative of Eastern Kentucky. Owsley County high school hosted a strategic planning meeting for community members, county government, city government, and education leaders. […]

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Recording History

Creating history it’s something we do every day without even realizing it. Some actions are more notable than others, especially in our world today with our “virtual diaries” known as our feeds. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social media websites can be used to diary our daily activities. It’s hard to believe there […]

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East Perry Radio Station

Recently we had a chance to visit East Perry so we could highlight their radio station. Since the recording of this video they have received the gear needed to send out their radio signal even farther so if you are ever in the Perry County area be sure to tune in to WPE Miner Nation […]

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