Whole Brain Teaching

The Holler has produced the FIRECAST series for almost a year now and we’ve seen a lot of unique teaching strategies and innovations in the classroom. We knew we hadn’t seen them all and the teaching practices put in place at Louisa East Elementary are among those that completely blew us away. We were told […]

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Owsley Co. High Visits Alaska?

Did you know that Alaska is approximately  67 hours away from Kentucky by car? Well, it’s probably a bit farther than that after all the stops, but Owsley Co. High school doesn’t let that stop them from collaborating with experts in animal sciences and other fields. Using their new video conferencing station all of this and more […]

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Ron’s Tattoo Adventure in Whitesburg

You are never too old to get a tattoo. Early last month the thought jumped into my mind to get a tattoo honoring my parents who have passed. I was born in North Dakota above the Theodore Roosevelt National Park where the buffalo roam in the Badlands near where my parents lived. Each summer we […]

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We Talk ACT at Allen Elementary

Welcome to FIRESIDE Chats. A show where we sit down with the exceptional people of Appalachia and take a deeper look at education in the mountains. In this episode, we visit Allen Elementary to talk about their participation in the ACT program. For those unfamiliar with the program, it means  Activating Catalytic Transformation. ACT engages shared leadership teams in school […]

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KVEC Renaissance Academy: Hal Bowman’s Be The One

Hal Bowman – Be the One Educators, are you interested in going? Check out our event tab and find out how to register! Posted by Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative on Monday, November 5, 2018 Hal Bowman’s Be The One professional development event provides educators with exactly what they’ve been searching for – the most powerful, […]

KVEC FIRESummit Fall 2018

Educators, community leaders, and students gathered on October 24, 2018, for the Spring FIRESummit hosted by the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC). The FIRESummit spotlights hard-working innovators in eastern Kentucky that go the extra mile to forge innovation in rural education! Over 10,000 participants joined in the Forging Innovation in Rural Education (FIRE) summit hosted by the […]

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Rural Eastern Kentucky School Leaders Preparing A Call to Action

Achieving Equity and Putting Schools at the Center of Communities to Reinvent Economically Distressed Rural Region The Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC) and superintendents leading rural public schools in the mountains of eastern Kentucky are in the final stages of developing a position paper and call to action to address the urgent needs and opportunities […]

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Teaching the novel, Night: Creating Context For Instruction

According to HB 128 (2018), schools in Kentucky are required to include instruction on both the Holocaust and genocide in middle and high schools. To assist our districts in planning and implementing this content, KVEC is sponsoring another 6-hour training, free for ELA and Social Studies teachers in the KVEC region, grades 6-12, on November […]

Knott School District Has Economic Importance to County and Region

In addition to providing quality education preparing students for the workforce, the Knott County School District is a major economic driver in the community.  The school district directly contributes to the educational attainment and future earnings of its youth. The district is the largest employer in the county with 387 employees and a payroll of […]

FIRECAST – Cooking and Learning In The Classroom

KVEC’s FIRECAST highlights creative and determined educators building their classrooms into a one of a kind experience. Our goal is to showcase classroom innovations and to inspire others to help change the narrative of Eastern Kentucky. Teresa Miller is a K-2 Special Education teacher in Perry County. This is her second year receiving a Learning […]

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