KVEC Transition Conference 2023

Once upon a crisp autumn day in Prestonburg, Kentucky, the Big Sandy Campus came alive with the vibrant colors of fall leaves and the promise of new beginnings. Students from all over the surrounding counties gathered for the annual Fall Transition Conference, an event that would serve as their guiding light in the journey from high school to post-secondary education.

Attendees split into various workshops that catered to their individual interests and goals. Students keen on pursuing higher education attended sessions on college application strategies, financial aid, and time management, while those with an inclination towards the skilled trades explored workshops on apprenticeships, vocational training, and career opportunities in their chosen fields.

The campus grounds buzzed with activity during the lunch break. Students exchanged stories and experiences, forming friendships and bonds that would be essential in their transition journey. The atmosphere was charged with positivity and determination.

The KVEC Transition Conference has proved time and time again that it is a great learning opportunity for both students and educators. Take a look for yourself by watching the video created by The Holler.


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