Rising Stars: Letcher County Robotics

A robotics team from Arlie Boggs Elementary in Letcher County, Kentucky, made an impressive debut by competing in the first LEGO League State Championship at Northern Kentucky University. Under the guidance of teacher and coach Melissa Strand, the team showcased resilience and adaptability, earning a spot in the state competition after placing second in the regional design competition.

The team’s journey to the state championship was marked by significant improvement, particularly in programming. Beyond the competition, the team also developed a prototype device aimed at assisting law enforcement in active shooter situations, a project inspired by their own experiences with active shooter drills. The device aims to provide real-time information to police, potentially improving response times during emergencies. The experience has not only honed the students’ technical skills but also provided them with valuable life skills and a deeper understanding of community safety.

For more details on this inspiring story, visit WYMT.

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