Barbourville Independent joins KVEC!

In an impactful stride towards enhancing educational quality and opportunities within its community, the Barbourville Independent School District has officially become the 27th member of the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC). This significant partnership marks a commitment to fostering educational innovation and shared success across Eastern Kentucky.

By joining forces with KVEC, Barbourville Independent not only aligns itself with a coalition of districts dedicated to the collective betterment of education in the region but also gains access to a vast pool of resources, professional development programs, and innovative learning methodologies.

Barbourville Independent

Barbourville Independent School District’s decision to join KVEC reflects a growing trend among districts across Eastern Kentucky, as more and more schools and districts seek to collaborate and share resources to improve educational outcomes. The staff at KVEC is thrilled to have Barbourville Independent joining the cooperative and we all look forward to working with their team!

Welcome to the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative

For more news about Barbourville Independent check out their website or their Facebook page.

Fast Facts: Barbourville

  • History: Barbourville was established in 1812 and named after James Barbour, a Virginia statesman and former Governor of Virginia. The city was officially incorporated in 1854.
  • Population: As of the 2020 Census, Barbourville’s population was approximately 3,165.
  • Education: Barbourville is home to Union College, a private college founded in 1879. The college plays an important role in the community and local economy.
  • Geography: The city is located along the Cumberland River in southeastern Kentucky, providing scenic beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation.
  • Festivals: Barbourville hosts several annual events and festivals, including the Daniel Boone Festival, which celebrates the region’s history and heritage.


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