BeneVETS 4 The Brave

Ashland Middle School has done it again! They have won state in Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow competition. Their project is about trying to help Veterans keep up with their documents through cloud storage. Also, they aim to help alleviate the pain of sorting through walls of text on Veteran Affairs websites by simplifying and listing […]

Floor Planning at Floyd Central

We recently visited Floyd Central to see what they were up too and one of the many things they had going on was building floor plans. However that wasn’t all they were doing, they were working with the math class to find out the cost of their homes and to see if their predicted jobs […]

The Young Learners of Foreign Language

Do you remember having to take a foreign language class in high school? Well, these students at Jackson City Schools have the opportunity of learning one as early as elementary school. Check them out in the video! If you’d like to learn more about FIRECAST please visit the FIRECAST page and learn how you can […]

Historic Tour Goes Digital!

Thanks to the combined effort of Paintsville Ind. and Johnson County schools the tour set in Paintsville is going to find a home online. This advancement will allow the tour to be accessed by anyone and will no longer be hindered by bad weather or lack of personnel to give the tour. To learn more […]

Be Cool, Don’t Juul In School

The Johnson Middle School CmPS team, lead by Pam Burton, is at it again! Their new project the ‘JuulBreakers’ is about alerting the public about the dangers of e-cigs to the human body but also the environment. If you aren’t familiar with a Juul they are small vapes that look almost identical to flash drives, […]

Letcher Middle School News

Schools are busy places, it can be difficult to keep up with all the various things going on at once. Luckily, a middle school in Letcher County, Kentucky is making it easier to keep up to date with their school’s status. Every week the students record the newscast and have it ready to watch all […]


Whole Brain Teaching

The Holler has produced the FIRECAST series for almost a year now and we’ve seen a lot of unique teaching strategies and innovations in the classroom. We knew we hadn’t seen them all and the teaching practices put in place at Louisa East Elementary are among those that completely blew us away. We were told […]


Owsley Co. High Visits Alaska?

Did you know that Alaska is approximately  67 hours away from Kentucky by car? Well, it’s probably a bit farther than that after all the stops, but Owsley Co. High school doesn’t let that stop them from collaborating with experts in animal sciences and other fields. Using their new video conferencing station all of this and more […]

We Talk ACT at Allen Elementary

Welcome to FIRESIDE Chats. A show where we sit down with the exceptional people of Appalachia and take a deeper look at education in the mountains. In this episode, we visit Allen Elementary to talk about their participation in the ACT program. For those unfamiliar with the program, it means  Activating Catalytic Transformation. ACT engages shared leadership teams in school […]