Do you like Robots? Are you interested in coding? Are you over the age of 14? Oh no, did the last one get you? Well, then you probably can’t qualify to be a part of Robinson’s Robotics club, but at least you can enjoy the video above and maybe even get inspired enough to start your own robotics club because here at KVEC we are all about healthy competition.

Bryant Combs is teaching his students Scratch through robotics! Not only are the students constructing their own robots, but they also have to code them using a block-based programming language (See image below.) Similar to Scratch’s block programming the software also sets up the fundamental building blocks that a student needs for a potential career in computer science. Coding is a worthwhile skill to have in a vast number of fields nowadays. It’s exciting to see what the workforce of the future is doing today to prepare themselves for tomorrow!

Image credits :
Robert Morris


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