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Another school joined the fray! It’s no surprise that Martin County ATC had joined KVEC’S Building It Forward Initiative. However, the building materials of their home just may leave you speechless. Watch the video above to learn all about their Tiny House. Remember this is just an early look, there are still tons that need to be done like plumbing, electricity, and all the furnishings.

If you spotted the photo below that is what the inside of their walls will look like. A combination of foam and fiberglass, may not sound strong but take a look at the GIF to see how durable it really is. The foam doesn’t just act as lightweight support for the walls of your house it is also the insulation for your house. So no more chilly nights of Winter for the buyer of this home. Also, we would like to give a shoutout to Boxvana for not just helping these students work with this space-age technology they developed, but for also letting us come by and answering every single question our Tiny House Expert Danny Vance had!

Martin County's 2021-22 Tiny House
Yes, it really is foam!

If the video above looks enticing and your school is interested in getting in on the action. Please let us know by emailing [email protected] and maybe you could be building your very own Tiny House the next school year!


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