Poagin’ on up!

Schools are back in session and we had the chance to visit one, and so we did. This makes our second visit to Poage the first being prior to the pandemic and so we expected some changes, which there was but it was mostly just for Covid safety guidelines other than that the school’s culture […]

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Virtual Production Vlog!

The film industry is quickly settling into a new standard of production called Virtual Production. This method of production has been popularized with the recent release of The Mandalorian Disney+ Series. The possibilities are endless with this sort of production and can only be pushed further the more money a studio throws at it. We […]

My Unreal Engine Cinematic Masterpiece

This was not as hard as you think to make and you too can make something similar if not better. Try out Unreal Engine today you can create movies, games, or just play around with the free assets on the store.  This video is part of a bigger project that is coming out very soon. […]

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Virtually Tour YOUR SCHOOL!

Technology is great you can basically order anything you could ever want online albeit you might have to wait a day or two for shipping depending on your location. However, can you see everything? Absolutely not but we are getting there and today we are helping to pave the way with 360 tours of well […]

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This easy to use application has been hiding on our iPhones and we had no idea! If you’re struggling to make engaging content for your students or audience, please check out the “Clips” app it is super easy to use. But, don’t take my word for it check out the app and see how easy […]

Facial Motion Capture Test

Do you know what I miss? The excitement of watching a movie at my local movie theatre. The last movie I saw in a theater was Frozen 2, and it was great! (it had the impossible task of living up to the original Frozen). I have a particular soft spot for animated movies. I grew […]

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Streaming!? When and Where?

That’s right the Holler team is back streaming once again! While we were away we also have broadened  our streaming repository to applications like Blender, Photoshop and much more! We are currently still setting everything up, but we figured it would be best to let y’all be a part of the process.  So if you […]

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