STREAM at Flat Gap Elementary

Flat Gap Elementary out of Johnson County has implemented a STREAM classroom. It was interesting the way the class was structured. But, to understand the structure you need to know what STREAM means.

S – Science
T – Technology
R – Reading
E – Engineering
A – Arts
M – Math

Hopefully, that clears it up.

The class is set up so each category of STREAM has a table/activity for that week’s topic. For example, the week The Holler visited the students were on the subject of plants which meant the students at the Arts table were creating 3D flowers. The Technology students were using IPADs to play KAHOOT to answer questions about plants. The Engineering students were building a seed transporter(how awesome does that sound)! It was fantastic to see students having to work through exactly how to solve the problems they were tasked with.

The environment at Flat Gap is one of growth, they’ve had so much success with their various programs other schools want to visit so they can emulate that same success with their students.

I know I’ve sung a lot of praise for this particular school, but they really do deserve it, while I was there filming nobody rejected being on camera or pushed me away; they welcomed it. I thought that was really nice and it made for a really good filming experience. Also, it’s always fun to interview students, they always ask if they are going to be on TV. (I tell them they’ll be on Youtube, and that actually excites them more, haha)

We really do have the best students and schools in our region. If you don’t believe me I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking!


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