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Welcome to Tech Tuesday, a show that sometimes isn’t on Tuesday. Last time we covered HitFilm and how it compares to Adobe Premiere, a program with a subscription-based payment method with no free version. This week we talk about DaVinci Resolve 15, a program that I have never used before till recently but I can safely say that Hitfilm and DaVinci may both be free but the similarities end there. The interfaces are different aside from the required bits needed for a video editor. If you have used either of the softwares and you didn’t like the one you tried out then I would definitely advise you to try out the other one.

One of the biggest surprises for me was the Node Editor in DaVinci. It was fun to use but can be a headache to wrap your head around even for the more simpler VFX like masking. If Nodes are your thing then you need some DaVinci in your life it was a fun program to use and not to mention it was a full suite. You can edit your video, VFX, color grade, and even fine-tune your audio. Adobe requires 53$ per month for that. Last of all DaVinci doesn’t put a cap on your output resolution or leave a watermark! Check it out here.

DaVinci Interface

Hitfilm Interface

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