Creators:  Baby Layne, Abigail Napier, Sydney Sampson

Baby birds are spreading their wings, the young are taking their first breaths, and we are opening our eyes; taking our first steps into the real world. All we have seen, everything we have done has led to this moment when we cross the stage into a world of incredible possibility. Our beloved memories and treasured friends, all pushing us toward the endless opportunity that is the future. Thank you, everyone, for all you have done. It is time now to spread our wings, take a deep breath, and step into the future.

About TransMedia Storytelling on The Holler: Digital storytelling, specifically video production, requires knowledge of many subjects and topics within those content areas, but the foundational material can be taught using a specific set of skills. Thinking visually, interviewing and connecting with people, planning production, using video cameras, framing shots and capturing the action, and finally editing footage to form a finished product. By mastering these fundamental skills, students can concentrate their efforts on content and focus on creating professional products.

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