¡Grita Fuerte! Spanish Livestreams on Food, Weather, and School Life

You don’t have to study abroad to learn to talk about food, weather, and your school life in Spanish! These world language learners in Floyd, Harlan, and Knott Counties are bringing relevant and accessible Spanish lessons to your screen this February. Join them by Livestream, here on the Holler, to pick up terminology and cultural norms, build global competency in students of any age, or sharpen your own Spanish language skills.

Sound familiar? They also brought you family and holiday lessons back in December, reaching over 1,500 viewers. You can still rewatch those streams! The Holler is full of online learning communities and our Spanish holler ¡Grita Fuerte! has been the fastest growing and most active since launching in September 2016.  Students and teachers there are learning Spanish together across multiple district and county lines. Bring your students into that conversation by hosting an initial Holler day in your classroom with our Holler team.


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