What if we held hands,
And never let go?
Your left hand grasping my right hand
For the end of eternity.
Your fingertips tracing circles
On the tips of my knuckles.
Side by side,
Arm to arm,
With the clarity of knowing
We’ll always have each other.

We’d run together,
Through the crisp winds
of the morning mountains,
And the lonely city streets
At nightfall.
We’d run through crowded parties,
And department stores,
And wildflowers,
And the rain.

And sometimes,
We may run away
From each other;
Demanding our freedom
And independence.
Running so hard that our arms
Become sore at the sockets,
And we ache,
And ache,
And ache.

We’d no longer be single beings.
Our bodies would intertwine;
Morphing together as one.
We’d heal together,
And cry together,
And love together;
As one inseparable bond.

If we could hold hands,
And never let go,
You wouldn’t be an ocean away,
And I wouldn’t be an ocean away.
There’d be no time zones,
Or heart ache,
Or having to wait,
And wait,
And wait.
And perhaps I could finally
Get some sleep at night.

Hannah Adams is a 17 year old senior at Letcher County Central. She enjoys art, music, reading, and writing. After graduation, she plans to major in Journalism and travel the world.

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