At some point in our lives, we look up to our heroes. Some may be famous ball players, presidents, historical figures, or someone who has made a positive impact on our lives. This short documentary is about a hero and his time in the Vietnam War serving our country as a U.S. Army Medic Solider. Hi, my name is Gage Hurley and my hero is someone very special; he happens to be my grandpa, Larry Sincell.
“Heroes Among Us” was made possible by and Mrs. Gooslin’s TransMedia Video Production class.  We would meet on Monday’s and log onto to learn more about making videos. I now know how to make videos using the proper rules like the 180-Degree Rule and the Rule of Thirds. I even learned how to make a video on my iPhone using iMovie.
     In conclusion, the TransMedia Video Production class at Phelps Elementary has been amazing! For example, I was able to produce my own movie “Heroes Among Us” where I interviewed my grandpa on his time in the Vietnam War. Learning everything on has helped me to enhance my video production skills. This fifth grader can’t thank them enough for all their help!  Interviewing my grandpa has taught me many things about my hero. Not only will I cherish this documentary, but continued generations will enjoy it for years to come!

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