Holler News Episode #2

The New stories are broken down in segments below!

In this episode, we visit Buckhorn High School, Mountain View Elementary, Floyd County, and the Appalachian Media Institute.

Segment #1 – Buckhorn High School students receive a grant to renovate break room.

Segment #2 – Mountain View Elementary publishes a book. (Order info below video)


Go to studentreasures.com/ordercopies

Enter PIN # 8116620 to order a copy of WORDS THAT HURT, WORDS THAT HEAL

Segment #3 – Floyd County Schools Offers lunch and learn sessions to educators. (Clip coming soon)

Segment #4 –Appalachian Media Institute is hiring for a Fellowship. (Information to Apply below Video

The Appalachian Media Institute is launching a Convergent Media Fellowship for advanced young media makers. Under this new fellowship, AMI will hire two advanced interns to spend the year gaining high-level training in video, audio, photography, and other media production. Interested in becoming a Convergent Media Fellow? Apply now! Applications will be open until March 4th. https://forms.gle/iX17TAbhvA53z8FU7AMI

Full AMI linktree: https://linktr.ee/appalachianmediainstitute?fbclid=IwAR2iYkiUMtdr_MGOQ3la4LI6oeuth5oLJcnqJOoqSUDKD8R31fC54Zow-Ww


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