KVEC Board Report: Continuing Education Option Plan II

In 2019, the EPSB waived the regulatory requirement that teachers must obtain a Rank 2 within 10 years.   This allows a teacher to remain at the Rank III level. 

Teachers must still obtain the 24 annual hours of professional learning credits approved by the school or district to qualify for license renewal.  However, the incentives to obtain a Rank 2 (e.g., pay increase, prerequisite for advanced certificates) remain intact thus allowing teachers wishing to pursue advanced certificates to continue along the Rank track should they so choose.

Effective, August 2, 2019, regulatory changes were made to 16 KAR 8:030; Continuing Education Option. Though the CEO has been around since the 1990s, a second option was made available that allows a district, a group of districts (such as an educational cooperative), or Kentucky institutions of higher education with EPSB approved educator preparation programs to submit a CEO Plan II program to the EPSB for approval.

These programs would allow educators to grow in their profession through field-based experiences, research and approved professional development and achieve Rank II or Rank I with the subsequent salary increases upon successful completion and before the timeline established in regulation.

The CEO is not a certification pathway.  It may be used for Rank change only.

The guidelines for this option were adopted by the EPSB on August 19, 2019.    The CEO Plan II Submission document was sent on Monday, August 26, 2019.  All requirements for the option are attached, but some include

  1. Evidence of need based on school/district data
  2. Action research
  3. Job-embedded professional learning aligned to standards
  4. Mentoring
  5. Publication
  6. Capstone Project

What do districts need to do regarding the CEO regulation?  Nothing.  As the CEO is an optional plan, no district, group of districts or university is required to do anything.    However, districts do have the option to become a sponsor of the CEO Plan I or they may wish to submit a proposal to offer a CEO Plan II.

What are teachers required to do regarding the regulation?  Nothing. Teachers may remain at the Rank III level and continue to obtain continuous professional learning credit hours (24 annual requirement) for re-licensure. 

Teachers who wish to pursue certifications for Advanced Educational Leaders (i.e., school principal, school superintendent, director of special education, instructional supervisor, or director of pupil personnel) will need additional training that requires a Rank II prerequisite.  

However, for teachers wishing to become a principal who have not yet achieved Rank II,  if a university, in conjunction with a school district, deems a candidate has the leadership skills to become a principal and meets admission requirements established in 16 KAR 3:090, the university may allow that teacher to enroll into a principal program and receive a Rank II when the principal program is complete.  (See 16 KAR 3:090, Section 9)


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