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Schools are busy places, it can be difficult to keep up with all the various things going on at once. Luckily, a middle school in Letcher County, Kentucky is making it easier to keep up to date with their school’s status. Every week the students record the newscast and have it ready to watch all across the school on Monday morning. They cover various topics from sports all the way to memes.

The most impressive thing about their newscast is their tenacity to get it out to the students. During our visit to the school, we watched a classroom transform into a newsroom. The teleprompter had the script laid out, the camera was rolling, and Mr. Combs alongside Ms. Couch acted as directors making sure everything went smoothly. This was their tenth episode of the newscast and you could tell everybody in the room knew what to expect. If something was mispronounced the students flawlessly backtracked to the beginning of the previous sentence and started over.

Mr. Combs wants Letcher Middle School News to keep growing. The school has used his personal camera and green screen since the first episode. He believes the newscast introduces students to technical skills they would of otherwise never got to see. The teachers at Letcher Middle School truly want the best for their students and we’re glad we could highlight them in this weeks episode of FIRECAST.

If you would like to watch any of the Letcher Middle Schools news cast each episode can be found at their website by –clicking here-.

This was a FIRECAST production if you would like to learn more about FIRECAST –click here– and learn how to help rewrite the story of East Kentucky Education.

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