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    Title: Blended Learning in the 6th Grade Mathematics Classroom-Improving Math Performance by Implementation of Technology
    Area of Focus: The goal of the Blended Learning in 6th Grade Mathematics Project in my classroom is to help all students develop a deeper understanding of the Common Core Standards by engaging them using multiple types of formative assessments that are technology based, such as Quizizz, Kahoot, WIN Math, Discovery Education, and IXL Math.
    Research Question: The research question I am seeking to address is whether student mastery of operations with fractions will be obtained by implementing the aforementioned online instructional tools, which will provide individualization of student learning through technology.
    Plan of Action: This study used the experimental design with a switching replication, meaning that the Monday/Tuesday Math Plus group and Wednesday/Thursday Math Plus group were alternately exposed to the blended learning environment and the traditional paper-and-pencil classroom instructional strategies in the delivery of selected topics in Math, specifically Operations with Fractions.
    Results: There was a significant difference between the pretest and posttest mean scores of each group. The blended learning strategy accounted for the higher mean gain in the participants’ achievement in all topics related to operations with fractions. All students showed signs of growth related to Common Core Standard 6.NS.1 over the course of the school year. In sum, the blended learning strategy accounted for a greater improvement than the traditional paper-and-pencil activities.
    Reflection: Increased level of motivation, confidence, and attentiveness;More perseverance in solving all types of problems;Active participation in the learning process and progress independently (personalized learning experience)