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    Triple A: Ashley’s Alternative Areas

    The goal of the Triple A: Ashley’s Alternative Areas Project in my 6th grade mathematics classroom is to promote positive student behavior that is in accordance with the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (P.B.I.S.) at Hazard Middle School. The research question I am seeking to address is the following: Will implementing 21st Century Classroom Redesign lower the number of student discipline referrals in 6th grade? After analyzing the SWIS data from the previous school year, I noticed that 6th grade consistently had the most number of discipline referrals for each month compared to the other three grade levels in the building. To address this problem, I want to offer alternative seating areas in my classroom to create a more personalized instruction for each student in terms of where he or she can be the most productive, feel the most comfortable, and hopefully reduce the chances of becoming bored, irritable, and exhibiting off task behavior. To conduct the research, I will need to acquire various types of seating options that will be conducive to learning, such as saucer chairs, bungee cord chairs, butterfly chairs, a futon, and Hokki stools. In addition, I would also like to transform a 12’ long bookshelf, which is the perfect height for 20” Hokki stools, into a writing space made out of whiteboard material. A lower number of discipline referrals as indicated on weekly mark sheets, SWIS data, and peer observation data will prove that my innovation has succeeded. To ensure any positive outcomes on the measures are actually due to my innovation and not something else, I will be utilizing SWIS data from last year’s 6th grade class as the baseline.