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    Title of Project- Flipping and Swiveling in 8th


    -8th grade students who were identified as being chronically absent showed an increase in mathematics performance on the M.A.P. test from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018.
    -The number of 8th grade students who scored proficient/distinguished on the Mathematics portion of the M.A.P. test increased from 31% to 86%
    -Student Perception Survey Data showed that students prefer the flipped classroom environment over the traditional teacher-centered environment.


    Overall, I would conclude that the innovation was successful due to the following:
    – Higher student achievement on the Measures of Academic Progress (M.A.P.) Test for students identified as being chronically absent as well as the entire grade level
    -Positive feedback from colleagues during peer observations relating to the classroom environment (more collaboration, more active)
    – Positive responses from students on the student perception surveys will be indicative that the project was a success. (Prefer flipped over teacher-centered)

    On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed learning and sharing with others at the FIRE Summit. The last presentation of the day in my session was wonderful, and included a great deal of Google add-ons and extensions specifically geared towards math.