• I truly believe that the educational and instructional advances be fostered through KVEC/FIRE/ARI are making a difference in the lives of our students and is transforming teachers practices and vision in and outside of the classrooms. This is truly an integral part of a “Regions Way Forward”. As a region we need to embrace the concept of an…[Read more]

  • Adding Podcast to our grant program (Ms. Rebecca Potter and I) has been a challenge with setting up the studio and training students in how to use the technology, conduct an interview, and to edit their production. The ARI grant have been great additions to our journalism and oral history projects here at Letcher County Central. It is our…[Read more]

  • Attempting to make documentaries can truly be a trying task. With this years interruptions with our schedules due to weather, sickness, and legislation it has been more trying than in the past, but we feel confident that by spring that we will have a quality production in place as we have done in the past. I will update you on our progress with…[Read more]

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    The Giving Room update!

    To this point the Giving Room has produced multiple opportunities for our students to create something that has benefited others. Our AES Cares program have reached our students, their families and our community through four areas; Blessings Box, Homework Help, Family Resource Center Helpers and AES Care Cases. The…[Read more]

  • Mike Bell posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago

    The Giving Room
    “Giving Something of Yourself for the Benefit of Others”

    Too often, many students choose not to be, or are not self motivated to be active learners due to a past traumatic experience where someone has stifled them or caused them to feel inadequate in creating, performing, or producing something on a acceptable level. Many of…[Read more]

  • We have received our ARI Grant materials! My students were so excited when they saw the Light Changing table and all of the manipulatives that came with it. I can’t wait to get started and watch them having fun playing while building those fine motor muscles at the same time!

  • We have received our materials this week! My students were so excited when they saw the light changing table! They can’t wait to get to play with it and all our new materials! I am also excited to see their faces light up and watch them play with the materials to build up their fine motor skills. We are ready to have some fun with Fine Motor…[Read more]

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  • Application 2018-19 is turned in. The excitement for my class is beyond belief. 💕

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    Imagination library brings the love of reading to our little ones 💕

  • Application is turned in. Now we wait 💕

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  • Just an update on Rebecca Potter and my documentary project: Heroes on Every Hand: They Just Never Told Us, is in the final editing stages. We are behind the projected schedule that we had for ourselves, but that is not uncommon in a production such as this. We have so much more footage this year than in last years documentary: Piling Up…[Read more]

  • I am so happy with how the project went! My students loved the devices and I loved watching them learn about Science. I think by incorporating the hands on activities with the devices helped my students get a better understanding of Science. They were full of curiosity and wonder!
    One thing I would have liked to have thought of before was…[Read more]

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  • In my grant I wanted to change how children rarely went to the Science Center. I thought by incorporating PBS tablets into the center and throughout the day would help change that. I wanted to use the devices and hands on activities to get my students engaged in critical thinking and experimentation. My students loved getting to take home the…

    [Read more]

  • We have been sending our PBS Tablets home with several students for the weekend. They have got to enjoy working on Science Applications with their parents at home. We introduced this to the parents During a Parent meeting and introduced the skills we were working on in Science. The parents and children both were so excited to get to take the…[Read more]

  • Here is a sample video of our students performing in our Christmas program using the ARI Grant materials. Listen closely for the sleighbells and watch closely as the students control the lighting as well. Thanks KVEC!

  • “I Can Perform My Way” Update

    January update on “I Can Perform My Way”. Our autism unit performed was able to perform on the devices purchased through the ARI grant. The students were amazing as they controlled lighting as well as played sleighbells to the song “Sleighbells”. At this time we are in the process of building three perform…[Read more]

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