• Hey, everyone! We have a lot of cool stuff going on at Knott County Central in the ELA Department with Virtual Teaching/Hybrid Models. Because of our KVEC Grant in 2020-2021, we have literally been able to “stay on the same page” with our colleagues and students through the use of state-of-the-art cameras and sound equipment. Students have been…Read More

  • So, how is everyone’s zooming going? I have experienced a big decline in participation as this semester has gone on. Is it just me??? Please let me know how others are doing…

  • I’m just sharing an article that I am sending to the local paper, The Troublesome Creek Times, in Hindman. The materials supplied for my KVEC Grant this year, “Whenever I Want You, All I Have To Do Is Stream” helped make this a much better experience for everyone involved. Read the article….we live streamed all the way to Long Beach, California!!!

  • Hello from Knott County! As we all know this is proving to be an incredibly difficult and challenging year for everyone. From virtual teaching to in-person to online instruction and everywhere in between, students, teachers, and administrators have been “dreaming” of ways to make all of this a positive experience. So, as I was thinking about…Read More

  • We are coming closer to having our project finished, as students are submitting their interviews of unsung heroes. This has been an enlightening project that has involved not just the students, but people from the community. Students are coming up with innovative ways to use the A/V equipment that we acquired through this grant. We can’t wait…Read More

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