• Mike Bell posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    The Giving Room update!

    To this point the Giving Room has produced multiple opportunities for our students to create something that has benefited others. Our AES Cares program have reached our students, their families and our community through four areas; Blessings Box, Homework Help, Family Resource Center Helpers and AES Care Cases. The Blessings Box provides our community with nonperishable items from a student built box located outside our school gates. Homework Help is a after school tutoring program that meets twice a week where our middle school students tutor our primary students in basic subject areas. Family Resource Center Helpers provide assistance to our FRYSC center by creating flyers for upcoming events, organizing snacks for distribution during afternoon snack time and organizing the storage room. The AES Care Cases are duffle bags stocked full of personal hi-gene items, blankets, stuffed animals and encouraging notes for children in the foster care system. These care cases are a collaboration effort between Allen Elementary School and Mountain Comprehensive Care Center.

    A group of students using micro computers created a device to protect children from being left in hot cars called “Forget Me Not”. The device was coded to sound an alarm when the internal temperature of the car reaches a certain temperature.

    AES Safe Schools students have designed multiple safety devices using micro computers to slow down intruders in hopes to allow more students to be safe. The devices include a metal detecting glove and bluetooth door jams. These devices have been coded and designed by students.

    These are just a few of the creations and work our students have been doing in the Giving Room. They are learning the importance of giving then receiving something in return.