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    I have reviewed the Kentucky Uniform Academic Course Codes before, so I was somewhat familiar with the list prior to revisiting them. It never ceases to amaze me the number of course codes that do exist, and yet how limited we are at providing these resources to our children. Oh, to be able to tap into all these courses for ALL of our children! Wouldn’t that be absolutely delightful?

    • Yes, for certain. The Rich Curriculum piece is adding another layer of accountability. For instance in middle school for Career Exploration, only certain courses can count towards this. For instance, Digital Literacy is not listed. See attached.
      • Our school has opened up some more options for our 8th graders this year by allowing them to take ATC courses in business, auto mechanics, carpentry, welding, and electricity. This has been beneficial in improving student attendance–especially for reluctant students.

        • Wow, excellent!

        • That’s so incredible! Next year, we are merging our middle school with our high school, and we also hope to be able to offer the 7th and 8th grade students the ATC courses. We believe it could greatly help their interest and attendance, as well as help them start their career discernment and career paths early.

    • Being that this was the first time I have reviewed the course codes in depth, the number of course codes was surprising to me.