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    The nature of humans is that of an inquisitive being. I tell my students that one of the best scientist is a 5 year old child because they are always asking questions to understand their world and do not let the fear of failure create a barrier to their learning. My approach to the world was as a natural scientist before I became a teacher, so the process of inquiry for me includes questioning, observing, inferring, drawing conclusions based on evidence or data collected, and reflecting on these components. Inquiry is merely a way of dealing with problems in any situation of life, it is not exclusive to science. Our students have the basic skills necessary for inquiry but traditional education has beaten down the natural curiosity of students. I have a real passion for science and understanding my world, while in my work with students I strive to enhance their abilities to ask questions, learn from their observations, reflect on their learning, and use struggle and failure as a part of learning. Basically, inquiry is the way you do science and life for me.