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    In the past two years, our Biology department has worked on transitioning to standard based grading. We have developed and implemented weekly standard checks that are based on daily learning targets. These short 15-minute quizzes check for understanding of the week’s daily learning targets. These quizzes are graded using zip grade, which give instant feedback. After the quiz, we use the quantitative data as a teaching tool to analyze individual student needs. This is a formative tool we use to adjust and align future lessons.

    • Wow! Definitely want to learn more about your work in Magoffin County. Is this link the correct zipgrade? https://www.zipgrade.com/

      • This is something that we are doing at my school as well, across all content areas. We are finding that it is an excellent way to formatively assess.

      • That is the correct link. Very useful tool for breaking down formative assessment data instantly.

    • Our math dept. uses weekly mastery checks for the learning targets. This is definitely something I would like to develop to use in the English dept. as well. This would be a new formative assessment we could add to our dept. for use for next year.