• Final Post – ARI Learning Innovation Grant – “READ Ñ”
    It has been a great year for us, at LCHS. The students loved the resources obtained through the grant. They benefited greatly from the variety of proficiency–level–appropriate materials that provided the repetitive practice activities novice learners need. They learned a lot playing onli…[Read more]

  • The class resources we acquired through the grant (READ Ñ) helped maintain learning continuity throughout this semester’s NTI days, when students were able to keep working on their stories while internalizing new vocabulary and language structures by playing online games. During snow days, these games provided the comprehensible input and re…[Read more]

  • Thanks to the “READ Ñ” grant, our students have been enjoying new resources that contribute to making language acquisition fun and easy. The group in the photos was the first to gain access (this week) to their first-ever graphic novel in Spanish.
  • In anticipation of soon receiving the class reading materials and the prolonged online membership to https://www.senorwooly.com , both ordered through the ARI Learning Innovation grant, our students love acquiring the language while discovering the fun world of Sr. Wooly singing along, talking about the stories, and creating videos (Spanish I -…[Read more]

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