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    Project Title: You’re Are Playing What in Your Classroom???

    Computers have become part of everyday life and are often more appealing to use than your traditional pencil, paper, and textbooks. Computers have made it easier to create and share content as well as differentiated lessons and instruction for students. After much thought I decided to research something my students have been obsessed with for three years…..MINECRAFT. Minecraft is now not just for your “gamers” anymore. Minecraft has created a new education version of the popular game, called Minecraft Edu. Minecraft education edition promotes creativity, and problem solving in an immersive environment. Minecraft edu provides teachers with lesson plans if needed as well as hundreds of ideas on how to implement in your classroom. Minecraft’s design aligns perfectly with education. It’s creative, it’s easy to use, and any lesson can be adapted to fit. Students will be using Minecraft in lessons like area and perimeter, measurement and data collection, learning to code, exploring real life building, just to name a few. Students will be assessed on their reflection journals, quest completion, collected items, and skill building. As well as a formative written assessment after each skill/target. For the Action Research summit students will create a touchcast, made on the MacBook Air to provide a real life tutorial for research participants to walk them through the Minecraft site and how we have used it in our classroom. The project

    objective is to improve overall engagement and create a fun and innovative classroom. As well, to go beyond paper and pencil busy work to provide rigorous activities that provide growth for all students.