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    Modernizing Physical Science Curriculum Using Lego Robotics
    Students in all my three physical science classes will focus on the performance expectations in the physical science curriculum in the subject area in mechanics, electricity and magnetism and chemical reactions that blend the core ideas with scientific and engineering practices and cross cutting concepts.
    Students will build a robot to understand the science concept of force, friction and mass thus promoting the concept of engineering practices including design and evaluation. They will conduct investigation to collect data to find the relationship between the force, friction and mass. The collected data will be used to analyze and interpreting data to make mathematical models for the science concept on Newton’s Second Law of motion. The lego robotics will also enhance students in the physical science classes the art of computational thinking by writing programs to make the robot to perform the task of pushing or pulling to understand the relationship between force, mass and friction. Students will construct explanations from several scientific practices by writing a report and presenting at different conferences and publishing in scientific journals.
    The main reason for using lego robotics instead of regular lab equipment for this research project is that LEGO Robotics is a hands on, multidisciplinary, collaborative, authentic learning experience and students show lot of passion and interest in using these devices.