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    My grant project “Geometrical Printing” has been very successful so far in my computer science class. I have had students really improve their creative skills when it comes to design. We have started out just creating things based off from the holidays within each month, but this month we are trying to go from creating a basic blueprint on paper to bringing it to life on tinkercad (3D printer software) so we can print it once we are finished. It is amazing to see the amount of change of detail that can go on within a short amount of time. Attached are two photos, one of a student’s ghost in October and another picture of the same student now working on a 3d representation of our classroom.
    We will begin working on a scale model project in my geometry class this week. The students will find/create a building that they can find the dimensions of that help them get a better understanding of what scale factoring is. This is just one of many projects that the students will do that will be intertwined with 3D printing.

    My Algebra 2 class is working on conics, so with having the ability to 3D print we will be having some hands on activities that allow them to see what a conic is first hand. I did not plan to be able to use 3D printing in my Algebra 2 class, so being able to give them a more hands on approach to learning I believe will help them remember the content better.