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    My grant project “Virtual Reality Connection” has been a great learning process. My students have been successfully learning to code and hopefully very soon we will begin trying to implement coding to work for Virtual Reality. I have found it to be a learning curve when using VR in the classroom as there are so many things that can be done with VR but it would be much more effective with multiple headsets. Having all the students be engaged in one activity at a time is very interesting to watch. We have attempted multiple activities using the VR headset such as basic games in my computer science class. This has really shown me the amount of excitement my students have for VR, hearing the “quiet kids” of the classroom yelling and cheering for another student using the VR equipment has allowed my students to open up more which is something that I was not expecting, but is a very welcoming addition to the grant. We have began coming up with ideas for a VR video to create. We have been discussing working with our agriculture class to create a 360 video of our chicken coop and we hope to begin working on that within the month. Attached is a photo of a student who was “skydiving” in class; this was just to see the various kind of activities that can be created in virtual reality.
    I wanted to use VR for geometry and since we are dealing with scale factors, it would be nice to allow students to get to see hands on what buildings they are scaling down. I believe by doing this, it gives students a better understanding of scale factoring and can show how grand the buildings they are scaling down truly are.