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    I hope that I interpreted this webpage correctly. It contained a whole wealth of information.
    While reviewing KY’s Uniform Academic Course Codes webpage, I only focused on those at the Elementary Level because I teach at an Elementary School. My first reaction was WOW! This would be ideal for students to have the opportunity to all of these courses and these experiences. However, how would it be possible to expose students to all of this? Where would you find the time in the school day to fit this all in? Where would you find teachers qualified to teach these courses? Where would you find the funding for this when funding is being cut?
    I do believe that our students deserve the best education possible, however I do not think Elementary students need to learn Russian, German, or Japanese when we have students who need speech services because they struggle with their native language of English. There needs to be a balance between what they are demanding be offered versus what is realistic. To prepare for next year, my school will have to see what strengths and talents that each teacher has and maximize those talents. We will continue to do more with less.