• As we wrap up this year, I am looking forward to further implementing and continuing to grow my project next year. My students created a lot of really awesome projects and the results look really promising. Moving forward, we plan to continue monitoring student progress to continuously measure student progress and hopefully seeing tremendous…

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  • Today is the FIRE Summit! At this point the project is full go. We have had a lot of success outside of our intended goal and after looking at our data, it looks promising towards our intended goal as well. Our initial data showed greater growth among our participating students than nonparticipating students! While the growth was small, it is a…[Read more]

  • We have been fully utilizing the materials we received in our computer science (CS) courses for nearly three quarters now. We started small but we have seen an increase in the total student participation in both of our CS courses so we are extremely excited to see such enthusiasm. We have collected data and are just beginning to analyze it but we…

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  • Hello Everyone! Sorry, this post is so delayed. I am new to the Holler this year and there was a major miscommunication between my partner and myself in regards to posting about our project. However, they say its better late than never so here it is.

    Ashland Middle School’s (AMS) project this year revolves around implementing two computer s…[Read more]