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    Flipped Classroom Design in Algebra 2

    Research Question: How might using video technologies and a “flipped classroom” approach improve student engagement and increase student achievement in Algebra two?

    To innovate instruction in Algebra two, I will use a flipped classroom approach. I will create short videos to introduce the lesson content and house these videos on YouTube. Students will access links to these videos on my teaching website (moonmath.webs.com). Students will be actively involved as learners. They will view teacher-made videos to receive content instruction rather than traditional lecture. There will be ancillaries to go along with video lessons that will require active student participation (i.e. guided notes or a Google form). A variety of approaches may be used in having students view the videos. Students may be assigned to watch a video for homework (outside class – this is the traditional flip). Students may be assigned to watch a video in a small group and discuss the topic. Or students may watch the video in a whole class environment (enabling me to become my OWN teacher’s aide these days walking around the classroom).

    In order to measure achievement success, I will use this “flipped classroom” approach for an entire unit with all of my Algebra two classes. I will use the same unit assessment that was used in a previous year in which video technology was not used for content delivery. I will then compare student achievement on the unit assessments from the non-flipped vs. flipped instruction approach (student population will be similar in type).

    To measure student engagement success, I will administer a student engagement survey to students to report their level of classroom interest and engagement during flipped instruction versus non-flipped instruction.