Micro-Credential Summit Day 2 – Needs-Based Developed Micro-Credential Stacks

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Presented by Vonda Adams, Achievement Gap Specialist/Math, KVEC; Dionne Bates, Implementation/Improvement Lead, KVEC; Dr. Dessie Bowling, Associate Director, CFO, KVEC; Sara Bowen, Principal, Fallsburg Elementary, Lawrence County School District, KY; Dr. Jennifer Carroll, Professional Learning Lead, KVEC; Dr. Will Kayatin, Education Consultant and Transition Specialist, KVEC; Denny Paul May, Due Process Consultant/Transition Lead, KVEC; Anna Prince, Principal, Louisa East Elementary, Lawrence County District, KY

If you weren’t able to attend day two of the micro-credential summit you can view the entire day by watching the video at the top of this webpage. You will be able to watch this distinguished panel of experts discuss the development of specific micro-credential stacks for special needs populations and teaching rural students of poverty.

Topics include:

  • Identification of need/want did the data say?
  • In-depth discussion of the stack development and classroom impact.
  • Hands-on review of the micro-credentials.
  • Research conducted during the development process.

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