Micro-Credential Summit Day 4 – The Impact on Leadership

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Presented by Dr. Allen Pratt, Executive Director, National Rural Education Association;  Dr. Jeff Hawkins, Director, Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative; Rob Akers, Associate Commissioner, Office of Educator Licensure and Effectiveness; Amy Swiney, Principal, Bevins Elementary School, Pike County, KY; Dr. Marty ParkChief Digital Officer, KY Department of Education; Sabrina McElroy, Principal, Highland Turner Elementary

If you weren’t able to attend day four of the micro-credential summit you can view the entire day by watching the video at the top of this webpage. For this session, these educational leaders discussed how to use micro-credentials to change the professional learning ecosystem.

Topics include:

  • How can we take our current situation and change professional learning to eliminate ineffective practices and promote and develop new avenues for P-16 educational systems?
  • What competencies do leaders and educators need to survive and thrive in a digital educational world?
  • How can we support educator professional growth through digital learning?
  • How can we create a system of professional learning at the school, district and postsecondary levels?
  • How can micro-credentials not only meet required continued education credit requirements but how can they be one tool in re-envisioning continuous professional learning?

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