National Pi Day 2017!

7th-grade teacher Michelle Scott spent the day crunching numbers with her classes at Pikeville Independent Junior High in celebration of National Pi Day. March 14 (3/14) is reserved each year for investigating the mathematical constant Pi (π) a little further. Mrs. Scott’s full lesson consists of the following:

The 8th grade teacher and I will be putting our classes together for pi day and doing our annual pi day festivities. We start off by reading Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neushwander. Then the students take cakes that are circular and yarn and measure the circumference. They then determine how many times the circumference goes across the circular object (should be three and a little bit) and this is true for all circular objects. The three and a little bit is the ratio we know as pi. 3.1415…. To end our class period we have a contest of who can say the most numbers in pi.

Mrs. Scott

Math Professional Action Network (PAN) leader Libby Auxier has created a micro-community with the Holler for sharing lessons and information about mathematics education, including Pi Day and much more. You can head over to the Math Holler to learn more about their work and see students from across the KVEC region enjoying Pi Day.

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