New Technology in the Classroom, A Student’s Perspective

Learning has changed a lot in the past years thanks to new technology. Recently our school has received a great deal of support from Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC), and it has completely changed the way we learn. Before all the new technology we have today, classrooms were one unit all taught in the same way. No one received the individualized help they needed, but now everyone can mold their education into whatever they want.  Technology in the classroom creates many new opportunities.  These include personalized education, easier access to information, and a connection to educational websites, programs, and games. This new technology has expanded our opportunities and broadened our learning horizons.

Personalized education is a relatively new idea that believes every student needs to be taught certain lessons based on the way they learn. Personalizing education has many different advantages, one being that the pupils being taught can learn in multiple and different ways. If a student doesn’t get a topic presented in one way, he or she can find a method on one of the many different educational programs presented to us and learn the subject a different way. Another advantage is that new information on topics we are being taught is available to us with easy access. A student might want to do research on a topic that interests them.  With the technology given, the information is available at the touch of a few buttons.  Another advantage of personalized education is that students can express themselves in the classroom. Before the new technology was introduced, students were put into different categories and they all did the same tasks. One student might appear to be superior or smarter than the other one, when really they just excel at different topics. Now students have more representation, and a more personalized education, thanks to new technology.

Students in the classroom today now have easier access to information. When doing essays or informational articles, the research they need is easily accessible. In order to make a credible article, there has to be credible information backing it up and that information is readily available.  Also, if a student is interested in any online opportunities outside of school, such as a scholarship or other college readiness program, they now have a tool they can use to access the programs. This outside of school research is especially useful in our small, rural town because many of the students come from low income families and a free Chromebook or other device opens a whole new world of opportunities for them.  Finally, being able to access information outside of school has improved our learning experience by helping  students who might need help with homework after school or on weekends and cannot contact a teacher.

Technology betters our education by giving us access to educational websites, games and programs that can help us understand concepts we haven’t quite grasped. I can think of multiple instances where I have seen people understand a subject better thanks to an educational program. Another way they have helped us is by giving us access to educational games. Recently our class was introduced to an online math game that helped some of us understand the subject better.

As you can see, technological advancement has changed the instruction in our school entirely. The new technology has created a whole new way of learning. Our school has changed by giving us access to personalized education, easier access to information, and a connection to educational websites, programs, and games. Through the support of KVEC, we now have new technology that teachers and students both use to better our education.

Written by:

Larissa Kirby

8th Grader

Lee County Middle/ High School


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